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LACBA Beekeeping 101 Calendar (classes at The Valley Hive)

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LACBA BEEKEEPING 101 CLASS DATES (2nd Saturday of the Month) 

Schedule of Classes:

Class #1: Saturday, February 11, 9am-12pm (NO BEE SUIT REQUIRED)

Preparing to Be a Beekeeper; Is Beekeeping Right for You, Things to Consider, Benefits

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Class #2:  Saturday, March 11, 9am-12pm (NO BEE SUIT REQUIRED)

Putting together a hive box; placement of your hive; installing a package

kids suit

Class #3:  Saturday, April 8, 9am-12pm (BEE SUIT REQUIRED)

We plan to do hive inspections during this class. Suit and gloves are required. If you do not have a suit yet, give us a call at (818) 280-6500 to order your suit for our next class.

Class #4:  Saturday, May 13, 9am-12pm (BEE SUIT REQUIRED)

Class #5:  Saturday, June 10, 9am-12pm (BEE SUIT REQUIRED)

Class #6:  Saturday, July 8, 9am-12pm (BEE SUIT REQUIRED)

Class #7:  Saturday, August 12, 9am-12pm (BEE SUIT REQUIRED)

September: Volunteer at the Los Angeles County Fair: Using our knowledge to educate others.

Class #8:  Saturday, October 14, 9am-12pm (BEE SUIT REQUIRED)

The Los Angeles County Beekeeping Association (LACBA) 2017 Beekeeping 101 Classes have begun. Check the LACBA website for more information, and take advantage of all of the information and resources available to you on this site. The calendar will be updated with more information as it becomes available. You can also pick up course outlines and informational flyers at The Valley Hive during Beekeeping 101 Classes.

All classes will be held at The Valley Hive -- 9633 Baden Avenue in Chatsworth. Bring a chair and arrive early.

Beekeeping Equipment and Protective Gear  can be purchased on our website. You can also purchase your gear at the Beekeeping 101 classes. Beekeeping Supplies are also sold at L.A. Honey in Los Angeles.

If you are looking to purchase bees, you can buy them from The Valley Hive or at Bill's Bees.

We invite you to stop by anytime during regular business hours, so that we can answer any of your questions or help you with your beekeeping needs. Beekeeping 101 is a very popular class and individual attention is sometimes difficult when class is being held. We look forward to being part of your journey into the wonderful world of beekeeping. Enjoy the ride!

The Valley Hive business hours:
  • Mon 10-5
  • Tues/Wed CLOSED
  • Thurs/Fri 10-5
  • Sat/Sun 11-3



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