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Packaged Bees, Nucs, and Queens from TVH


 Bees are available for purchase for only a few months out of the year. We sell packaged bees around the middle of April and nucs are available after that, betweeen the months of May and June. Typically, we begin taking pre-orders for bees in either January or February. 


3 lb package of Italian Bees with a mated Queen. Exact dates to be announced  Once packages sell out, we cannot order more!




A NUC (Short for nucleus) is a newly established hive, consisting of approximately 5 frames of bees with a laying queen. The nuc contains bees and the 5 frames only. At the time of pick up, bees will be transferred into equipment provided by the customer. If you need equipment, you can purchase it on our website. Quantities are limited. Bees will sell out. 


Mated, Italian, California Queens with attendants and a Queen Cage. Queens are now available on our website.



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