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Beekeeping Kits

Beekeeping supplies & kits including Starter Kits, Tool Kits, First-Year Hive Kit, Apiary Kit and Honey Harvesting Kit
  1. Basic Starter Hive
    Basic Starter Hive
    Our Basic Starter Hive includes all the components needed for one complete Deep Hive Box. This kit includes a Top Board, Bottom Board, Deep Hive Body, 9 Plastic Frames, frame feeder, and an entrance reducer. All you need to do is add a package of bee...Details
  2. Basic Starter Hive - Dipped
  3. Beekeeper Tool Kit
    Beekeeper Tool Kit
    Buy the Beekeeper Tool Kit and save! The kits includes everything you need to conduct regular hive inspections. ...Details
  4. first year hive
  5. First Year Hive - painted white
    First Year Hive - painted white
    This Kit includes all the beekeeping equipment most likely needed to get through the first year of beekeeping. This kit contains: 1 migratory top cover; 1 deep hive body; 1 deep frame feeder; 9 deep plastic frames; 1 solid bottom board; 1 entrance r...Details
  6. Honey Harvesting Kit
    Honey Harvesting Kit
    Honey Harvesting Kit includes: 6gal Pail/Bucket w/Gate, Metal Double Honey Sieve, Stainless Steel Capping Scratcher, Cold Uncapping Knife, 5gal Mesh Filter Bag, Comb Capper...Details
  7. The Apiary Kit
    The Apiary Kit
    The Apiary Kit includes: 1 deep hive box with plastic frames; 3 medium hive boxes with plastic frames; a top cover ;and a bottom board; deep frame feeder; metal queen excluder; and entrance reducer....Details
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