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Honey Harvesting Kit

Honey Harvesting Kit


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Honey Harvesting Kit includes: 6gal Pail/Bucket w/Gate, Metal Double Honey Sieve, Stainless Steel Capping Scratcher, Cold Uncapping Knife, 5gal Mesh Filter Bag, Comb Capper


The Honey Harvesting Kit includes all of the beekeeping equipment you will need to extract your honey (except for the Extractor).  The Comb Capper holds the frame to be extracted in place and can be used with medium and deep frames. The Cold Uncapping Knife is used to scrape the top layer of beeswax off of the capped frame of honey. Use the Capping Scratcher to remove the remainder of the beeswax from the frame. The Double Metal Honey Sieve fits over a five gallon bucket and removes the impurities from your honey. The screen is graduated from a course removable inner basket to a fine screen on the outer basket. Strain the honey with the Mesh Filter Bag to insure you have the cleanest honey possible. The 6 Gallon Pail/Bucket provides a vessel for honey storage and the gate allows for easy pouring. 

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