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Italian Honeybees

Bees for Sale

Since 2014, The Valley Hive has been the premier supplier of honeybees for urban beekeepers in the greater Los Angeles area. In addition to selling bees, The Valley Hive is the only place of its kind in Southern California where bee enthusiasts can take classes and learn all about backyard beekeeping, and purchase all the beekeeping supplies needed to maintain a backyard apiary. No matter where you are in your beekeeping journey, there is always so much to learn and sharing our passion for the honeybee is what we love to do. Call or better yet, if you live in the city of Los Angeles, come visit us in person at our Chatsworth store located in the San Fernando Valley.

Bees of Known Genetics

Remember the “killer bees" scare back in the 90's?  As sensationalized as these reports were, these aggressive bees were indeed problematic and come from a line known as africanized bees.

Africanized bees were the result of an experimental breeding program in Brazil, where the European honeybee was bred with the African honeybee. After escaping from the laboratory, they spread throughout Latin America and into the South Western United States. To look at them, these bees seem no different than other honeybees. However, africanized bees have become ubiquitous in the Los Angeles area and behave very differently from pure European stock honeybees, also referred to as bees of known genetics.

Bees from The Valley Hive

At The Valley Hive, we sell only European honeybees of known genetics. All of our packages, nucs and queens come from a reputable bee breeder in Northern California where africanized bees cannot survive.

We encourage the practice of using known genetics for backyard beekeeping for the safety of the beekeeper, family, friends, animals, neighbors, and the community at large. This way, we can trust that there won't be an abnormally defensive response from the colony when it is inspected or otherwise manipulated, and the art of beekeeping stays the way it was meant to be: mentally stimulating and relaxing at the same time, and an overall pleasant experience.  


Packaged Bees

One of the preferred ways to start a bee colony is with a package of bees. A package consists of two pounds of bees – approximately 10,000 bees – in a wooden box with screens on two sides. Inside the box, there will be a can of sugar syrup and a small cage containing a mated queen hanging by a metal tab. Here, the queen is able to be cared for by nurse bees until the package is ready to be installed inside of a hive box.

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Nuc of Bees

If you want your bees to expand in size quickly, a nuc may be the option for you. Because a nuc is an established colony, the bee population will expand quickly, and you may even be lucky enough to get honey in the first year (no promises though). Along with the queen, worker bees, and maybe some drones, a nuc consists of 5 drawn out frames of wax, which will contain a combination of brood, pollen, and honey. Unlike a package of bees, with a nuc, the queen can immediately begin laying eggs in the available beeswax cells. Another plus, by the time you receive your nuc, there will most likely be capped cells of brood getting ready to emerge. The five frames are inside a plastic case known as a nuc box that can easily be transported from the car into the bee yard. Installing a nuc can be a little tricky because the queen can be roaming on any of the frames, so care must be taken while removing the frames from the nuc box and installing them into the hive body. 

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The Valley Hive sells mated Italian queens. Call us at (818) 280-6500 tofind out about availability. 

Order Bees Early

Packages and Nucs sell out, so if you plan on purchasing bees this year, make sure to order early.


Note: We do not ship bees. Bees are available for pick up only at The Valley Hive in Chatsworth, CA. Typically, packages arrive within the first two weeks of April. However, due to circumstances beyond our control the actual date may vary based on weather conditions and other factors.



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