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LACBA Beekeeping 101 Calendar (classes at The Valley Hive)

updated January 24, 2018

The Los Angeles County Beekeeping Association (LACBA) 2018 Beekeeping 101 Classes have begun. Check the LACBA website for more information, and take advantage of all of the information and resources available to you on this site. The calendar will be updated with more information as it becomes available. You can also pick up course outlines and informational flyers at The Valley Hive during Beekeeping 101 Classes.

class 2 woodworking


(3rd Sunday of the Month) 

Schedule of Classes:

Class #1: Sunday, February 18, 9am-12pm (NO BEE SUIT REQUIRED)

Preparing to Be a Beekeeper; Is Beekeeping Right for You, Things to Consider, Benefits, What Do I Need? Class meets at 10538 Topanga Canyon Blvd. (free parking on Topanga)

Starting Your First Backyard Hive

Reference Materials (join to get newsletters)

Class #2:  Sunday, March 18, 9am-12pm (NO BEE SUIT REQUIRED)

Putting together a hive box; placement of your hive; installing a package. Class meets at 10538 Topanga Canyon Blvd. (free parking on Topanga)

IMG_1608 building frames








Class #3:  Sunday, April 15, 9am-1pm (BEE SUIT REQUIRED).  Class Location TBA


Suit and gloves are required. If you do not have a suit yet, give us a call at (818) 280-6500 to order your suit for our next class.

Class #4:  Sunday, May 20, 9am-12pm (BEE SUIT REQUIRED)

Inspecting your hive. Is my hive healthy? Do I have a laying queen? Analyzing the health of your hive.

Class #5:  Sunday, June 17, 9am-12pm (BEE SUIT REQUIRED). Class Location TBA

Treating for Pests

Varroa Mite Treatment Quick Reference


Apivar Apivar

Active Ingredient: Thymol

Mode of Action: Fumigant

Recommended Temperature Range: 60° F and up.

Warm Weather Dose

“At temperatures above 25°C (77°F) it is possible to use a half-dose of Apiguard and get a very

good mite kill. Use 2 doses of 25g Apiguard, one week apart instead of 2 x 50g at two weeks

apart. A third 25g dose is sometimes used after the second week where mite infestations are high.”

(For smaller colonies, it is recommended to use a half dose (25g) of Apiguard one time.)

Application:  Peel back foil cover from foil tray  to expose gel and place on top bars of frames.

Compatibility for honey supers:  NONE.  DO NOT USE WITH HONEY SUPERS ON THE HIVE.


Mite Away Quick Strips (MAQS) 

Mite Away Quick Strips Mite Away Quick Strips

Active Ingredient: Formic Acid

Mode of Action: Fumigant

Recommended Temperature Range: 50° F to 85° F

Ventilation is essential.  Follow manufacturer’s recommendation for adding supers or adjusting the entrance or boxes to achieve this.


Application:  Two options are approved. Normal application is two strips laid flat on brood box.  Amended is one strip in the middle of brood followed by a second treatment in 14 days. A third treatment may be necessary.


Compatibility for honey supersYES.  CAN BE USED WITH HONEY SUPERS ON THE HIVE.



Apiguard Apiguard

Active ingredient: Amitraz

Mode of Action: Physical contact between product and the bees.

Recommended Temperature Range: Very wide.  Can be applied in hot and cold temperatures.

Application:  Place strips between brood frames. One strip is used for five or less frames of brood per box.  Two strips are used for 6 or more frames of brood per box.

Must be left in for 42 days.

Compatibility for honey supers. NONE.  DO NOT USE WITH HONEY SUPERS ON THE HIVE.


Class #6:  Sunday, July 15, 9am-12pm (BEE SUIT REQUIRED)

Treating for pests, continued. Class Location TBA

Class #7:  Sunday, August 19, 9am-12pm (BEE SUIT REQUIRED)

Splitting a hive; Honey Extraction. Class Location TBD

September: Volunteer at the Los Angeles County Fair.

madison and jay at fair

Use your knowledge to educate others. No class this month.

Class #8:  Sunday, October 21, 9am-12pm (BEE SUIT REQUIRED)

Last class of the 2017 season. Class Location TBA

Bring a chair and arrive early to find parking.

Beekeeping Equipment and Protective Gear  can be purchased on our website. You can also purchase your gear at the Beekeeping 101 classes. Beekeeping Supplies are also sold at L.A. Honey in Los Angeles.

If you are looking to purchase bees, you can buy them from The Valley Hive or from  Bill's Bees.

We invite you to stop by anytime during regular business hours, so that we can answer any of your questions or help you with your beekeeping needs. Beekeeping 101 is a very popular class and individual attention is sometimes difficult when class is being held. We look forward to being part of your journey into the wonderful world of beekeeping. Enjoy the ride!

The Valley Hive business hours:
Open daily from 8:30-5pm
10538 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Chatsworth
(818) 280-6500


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