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Bee Escape

Bee Escape, Plastic


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A bee escape is inserted into the slot of an inner cover which allows bees to leave the honey super, but not return.


A bee escape is a plastic insert that fits inside of an inner cover and is used to remove bees from a honey super without the use of chemicals. When bees exit out of the honey super, they go through a one way door into the hive box below and cannot return to the box above. While this process is effective, it can sometimes take a day or two for the bees to clear out of the box. If time is of the essence, there are other options to remove bees faster, such as Fischer's Bee Quick.  This "secret formula" of herbal oils and extracts causes bees to move out of the super quickly and easily without harmful or unpleasant odors. Bee-Quick has a fragrance that smells like almonds to humans, but bees find the smell to be unpleasant. 

Looking to extract honey from the hive? Check out our Honey Harvesting section for more tools to help with the sticky process of removing, extracting and bottling honey. 

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