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fischer's bee quick 1 gallon

Fischer's Bee-Quick, 1 Gallon


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Clear bees from your super without any harmful or unpleasant odors with Fischers Beequick. Created by Jim Fischer, his secret formula of herbal oils and extracts causes bees to move out of your super so that the task of removing bees from your honey box becomes almost effortless.


Removing honey supers from your hive? Don’t forget the Bee-Quick! Smells great to us, but the bees don’t like it. Spray a small amount in a zig zag pattern onto a piece of cardboard or fume board, and lay it on top of your super. Close the lid and return in 5-10 minutes. Most of the bees will have moved down into the lower boxes and you can easily remove the honey super without taking all the bees with you. Available in 8oz plastic pump or 1 gallon container for larger jobs.

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