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hive body medium assembled and painted

Hive Body Medium Assembled/Painted


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The Medium Langstroth Hive, also commonly referred to as a super or honey super, is the most versatile hive box. Regardless of what it’s called, it can be categorized by its dimensions: 19 7/8” x 16 ¼” x 6 5/8”. Because it is light weight and easier to handle, many beekeepers are opting to use this size box for all of their beekeeping needs—Meaning for the brood chamber, as well as for the honey super. Traditionally, mediums boxes have been used for honey supers, only. Our Assembled and Painted Medium Hive is ready to use and built to last.


The development of the Langstroth Hive in the 1800s revolutionized the beekeeping industry, and it is still the most commonly used method of keeping bees today. Langstroth Hive boxes are available in available in different sizes. Primarily, we offer Medium and Deep Hive boxes. Although, shallow boxes are also used. Both mediums and deeps can be used interchangeably or exclusively. One can use all deeps, all mediums, or a combination thereof. What determines this is personal preference and what the particular needs are at your apiary and what your goals are in your location. In Los Angeles, a popular arrangement is a deep and a medium brood box, followed by medium boxes being used as “supers”; any box that is expected to be the honey surplus particularly for the beekeeper. One can expect each deep to weigh 80 pounds when full of bees and honey. A medium box can weigh 40 pounds, hence why it is a popular choice for honey production.

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